Grace Mulholland

In November 2022, my family and I made the decision to relocate from Glasgow to Tarbert. We decided to make the move to Argyll and Bute due to the beautiful scenery, the people, and the pace of life.

After I secured a job at the local school, we sold our property in Glasgow and put an offer down on a house in Tarbert. We were very lucky as the family selling the home really wanted someone who was moving in to be part of the local community, they accepted our offer the very next day!

Throughout the process of relocating, it was all very straightforward. I applied for a nursery place for our daughter at the local Early Learning Centre which all went smoothly as I was working in the school I was wanting to get a place at. We were also very lucky to have found a childminder in the area to care for our youngest daughter.

Since moving to Argyll and Bute, our quality of life has improved drastically. The slower pace of life suits our family so well. Previously when we lived in Glasgow and commuted each day, it felt like we hardly had any time together as a family. We were constantly rushing. However, now we have ample outdoor space right at our doorstep and amazing views.

We are lucky to have a lovely forest walk just behind our house. We simply open the gate at the bottom of our garden, and with a slight walk to the left, we get stunning views of the West Loch. The village also offers charming cafes and restaurants. At the weekends, we often take a walk down Pier Road, bring the kids to the playpark, and enjoy a lovely lunch.

Importantly, Tarbert has an amazing sense of community, and the residents were quick to extend their helping hands when we arrived, particularly knowing we had a young family. Their support made such a difference to us when we relocated.

The safety, close-knit community, local school, and pace of life in Argyll and Bute have all been great benefits for our family. But most importantly, we now get to spend more time together as a family.

Grace Mulholland - ABplace2b

Argyll and Bute is the place to be if you are looking for a great quality of life and a genuine sense of community.

Grace Mulholland

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