Young people in Argyll and Bute leave school amongst the best placed in Scotland to build the lives they want.

Shape their future

We invest a lot in the future of our young people. This starts from the earliest age.

We are committed to ensuring our young people have access to the best start in life and Argyll and Bute was one of the first local authorities in Scotland deliver 1140 hours Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) provision to all entitled children.

Our ELC pupils spend a minimum of 50% of their time in high quality outdoor learning which is great fun and also great for their health and wellbeing. We also have dedicated outdoor nurseries where hobbit houses, campfires and water walls are just some of the fun outdoor learning activities that children get to experience.

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Our schools and staff are award winning. Pupils regularly top the table in national, and even international, competitions in a range of subjects including technology, maths and engineering. Our teaching staff are also very often recognised in teaching awards for their skills and dedication.

We have built new state-of-the-art secondary schools in Campbeltown, Lochgilphead and Oban, as well as a new primary in Kirn, Dunoon. Huge improvement works have also been carried out at a large number of schools across the board. Find out more about the schools in your area.

We are dedicated to ensuring our young people have the best possible educational experience and are best-supported to achieve their full potential. Many teachers in Argyll and Bute are former pupils and this says a lot, not just about Argyll and Bute being a wonderful place to work, but about the high quality of learning and teaching that we offer here. People want to work in our schools, they want to live in the area and they want their own children to attend school here. So, all you teachers out there, what are you waiting for – get your job application in today!

So, all you teachers out there, what are you waiting for – get your job application in today!

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Continuing education

Argyll College UHI is part of a network of colleges across Scotland which make up the University of the Highlands and Islands. Argyll College has various education centres in Helensburgh, Oban, Lochgilphead, Dunoon, Tobermory, Rothesay, Campbeltown and Islay.

The college works in close partnership with Argyll and Bute’s secondary schools, and with businesses and organisations across the area, to offer a wide range of opportunities which complement the school curriculum.

Pupils in the senior phase (S4, S5 and S6) can study a college course while continuing at school. These courses help our young people to gain an understanding of the difference between school and college/university and the world of work, while gaining recognised SQA qualifications.

Many of the college’s undergraduate and postgraduate courses take advantage of the unique environment, landscape and culture of our region. Current course provision closely aligns with the skillsets needed by local employers, and is flexible to meet the needs of any incoming and new employers to the area.

Modern Apprenticeships

More and more young people are opting for Modern Apprenticeships, which allow them to earn while they learn.

Argyll and Bute Council is committed to its own Modern Apprenticeship programme in a wide range of skills and qualifications. Meet Ashley for example who has trained to be a mechanic with the council.

The council also works closely with Argyll College to ‘grow our own teachers’ by putting students through a post-graduate education diploma. This enables people in Argyll and Bute to study for their teaching qualification without having to leave the area, and take advantage of placements at the end of their training in local schools with mentors and supervisors on hand.

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Oban is our university town with over 800 students and a number of Higher Education campuses, including the Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS) and Argyll College UHI.

SAMS, like the college, is a partner of the University of the Highlands and Islands. It’s Scotland’s largest and oldest independent marine science organisation, delivering marine science for a productive and sustainably managed marine environment through innovative research, education and engagement with society. SAMS is a world-class marine science enterprise and something we are incredibly proud to have in Argyll and Bute as a progression path for our young people and to attract international students.

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Latest news

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