Support for moving to Argyll and Bute

Support for moving to Argyll and Bute

Making the move to Argyll and Bute? We can help you make it work.

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Support is available to make the move and settle happily in Argyll and Bute.


  • Someone to speak to regarding general enquiries
  • Information on access to local services and networks
  • Advice on where to find local amenities, jobs and childcare
  • Connecting new residents with those who have also made the move to Argyll and Bute

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Settlement resources

If you have recently made the move, check out our Welcome Pack and resources. This provides information on what support is available to you, tips from those who have already made the move, and answers to some of the most common questions.


Welcome pack
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Case studies - meet our people

We’ve been talking to people who have made the move to Argyll and Bute and loved it – you can read what they have to say about living and working in Argyll and Bute.

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Frequently asked questions

To  help you when you move to Argyll and Bute, read our frequently asked questions Рwith information on business support, our communities, housing and childcare

Frequently asked questions
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The scenery is stunning, there are outdoor activities in abundance, no rush hour traffic, and everyone is very friendly and open. If you enjoy the great outdoors, want a more laid-back approach to life, want your children to grow up without the pressures to grow up too quickly, and with nature playing a huge part in their life then Argyll and Bute is the best.

Lorna Mitchell

Argyll is a great place to be because it’s wild and accessible at the same time and there’s always an adventure to be had.
I’ve fallen in love with it.”

Arlene Cullum, Cove

I feel welcome, I feel safe, everything is available. I feel healthy and I feel free living here

Helene Verbeek