Why Argyll and Bute?

Why Argyll and Bute?

Argyll and Bute offers you success – in business, lifestyle and growth.


We have towns, villages and 23 inhabited islands. Our landscape inspired Paul McCartney to write songs about us.

We attract glamorous visitors. Pierce Brosnan and Kate Moss for example have visited Bute; and a Dr Who was born here (Sylvester McCoy in Dunoon). Our landscape brings Hollywood film and other screen productions to life. And our food and drink feature at some of the best celebrations across the world!

From Bute to Tiree, and from Helensburgh to Campbeltown or Oban, if asked to sum Argyll and Bute up in three words, we’d say beautiful, successful and welcoming!

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Beautiful Argyll and Bute

Sitting on the West Coast of Scotland, our landscape brings together beaches, waves, and clear blue ocean, with forests walks, mountain climbs and island views.

Our sunrises and sunsets often start our days with the most amazing orange and pink glows; and our clear, dark skies show stars off at their twinkly best!

Our landscape provides the backdrop to film productions of all sorts. From car adverts to fashion campaigns, and from TV fiction to TV factual programmes, Argyll and Bute makes appearances in different ways on the small and large screen.

And it’s just as appealing for tourists. The population of Oban for example grows from 8.5k to around 25k during the peak summer period.

But please have a look for yourself through some of the images on this site. Beautiful, aren’t they.

Beautiful Argyll and Bute = #abplace2b

Successful Argyll and Bute

Success can mean different things for different people. In Argyll and Bute, you’ll see it in lots of different strands of life.

We have award winning schools with our young people and teachers often leading the way in academic success and innovation. Did you know for example that a group of pupils from Dunoon Grammar won at the Apps for Good UK awards for four years running!

Look across the area and you’ll see a lot of investment and regeneration work driving development that improves the quality of life and local economy of Argyll and Bute. In 2020 for example Campbeltown won Scotland’s most improved place!

There’s ambition and innovation here that achieves business success internationally and locally. Scattered throughout the area we have world leaders in manufacturing and design, aquaculture, and food and drink, not to mention artists and musicians.

We are a population of entrepreneurs. Twelve per cent of our residents are self-employed, that’s four per cent more than the rest of Scotland.

And our location gives us a work/life balance that’s the envy of many – stretching your legs at lunchtime can mean a stroll along a wild, re-energising beach, getting fit can be a lot easier when you have beautiful scenery to accompany you on your morning jog, and with so many outdoor adventures on your doorstep, you can really make the most of family time.

Work in Argyll and Bute
Successful Argyll and Bute = #abplace2b

Latest jobs

There are always a wide range of jobs on offer in Argyll and Bute with both with local businesses and public sector employers. From Helensburgh to Campbeltown, or Mull to Tiree, different professions find a home here.

We’ll share a selection of them here and then signpost to other sites where you can find more vacancies. Police Scotland, NHS Scotland, housing associations, and education providers as well as local job sites.

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Welcoming Argyll and Bute

Perhaps what matters most, if you’re planning to settle here, is the welcome you’ll get in our communities.

Whether you opt for an island, a village or one of our towns, you’ll be made to feel like you belong. This is a place where you matter. This is a place where you can make a difference.

From Oban to Campbeltown, and from Bute to Tiree communities come together in different ways. Community groups from Argyll and Bute have been honoured for example in previous Scotland in Bloom awards, for working together to create places that are good for health, wealth and happiness.

Our young people take up opportunities to do beach cleans together; and if you use social media, you’ll find numerous groups sharing news and promoting what’s best about their own part of Argyll and Bute.

We don’t just welcome people; Argyll and Bute also provides a welcoming home for amazing wildlife. As you hang out your washing, you might just spot a lovely red squirrel going about its business up a nearby tree. Walk along a beach and you may feel the calm, curious gaze of a friendly seal. Take a boat trip and you could be lucky enough to be joined by a joyful pod of dolphins.

For many different reasons, we love living and working in Argyll and Bute. We’re sure you would too.

Our Lifestyle
Welcoming Argyll and Bute = #abplace2b

Argyll is a great place to be because it’s wild and accessible at the same time and there’s always an adventure to be had.
I’ve fallen in love with it.”

Arlene Cullum, Cove

The best thing about Argyll and Bute for me is that it feels like home. There are many other benefits, such as the landscape and scenery on your doorstep, the safeness of the communities and when it’s sunny – you could literally be anywhere in the world!”

Natasha Galbraith

I’m privileged to be doing a job I really love. And there’s a real bonus of living and working in Argyll and Bute.”

Jillian Brown