Argyll and Bute isn’t just about kicking back and relaxing. We punch well above our weight when it comes to innovation and business success.

Latest jobs

There are a wide range of jobs on offer in Argyll and Bute with local businesses and public sector employers. You can search on the following websites:


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World leaders

Scattered throughout the area we have world leaders in manufacturing and design, aquaculture, and food and drink, not to mention artists and musicians.

We are a population of entrepreneurs. Twelve per cent of our residents are self-employed, that’s four per cent more than the rest of Scotland.

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Work-life balance

More and more film productions are finding their way here – Argyll even features in a couple of scenes in the latest Jurassic World feature, and Oban Airport hosted Top Gear.

Argyll, Bute and our 22 other inhabited islands bring together much of what is best about Scotland – natural resources that drive forward national and international business markets, expertise that inspires innovation, and people committed to developing the prosperous future the area deserves.

More than that, the area offers an excellent work-life balance – a place to succeed in a range of professions and career paths, and leisure-time options to keep you happy and healthy.

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Jobs and career choices

Are you starting out in your career? Would you like promotion? Are you setting up your own business? Is your partner moving to the area for a job?

This is a great place to look for and find a job. Opportunities come up at all stages, and to suit different circumstances.

Self-employment rates are above the Scottish average. Unemployment rates are below the national average.

Key sectors of our economy include marine sciences, marine services, quality food and drink including agriculture and aquaculture, tourism, creative industries including film, forestry, and renewable energy manufacturing.

From Dunoon and Oban to Tarbert and Helensburgh, and Bute to Mull, public sector organisations operating across the area offer opportunities in a huge range of fields including public administration, education, health and the emergency services.

Discover more about vacancies and working in Argyll and Bute in our jobs section.

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Business support

Support for growing your business is available from different sources here in Argyll and Bute.

For example, there’s Business Gateway, for training and advice on a range of topics, and Highlands and Islands Enterprise and Scottish Enterprise for growth support.

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Good things coming

Great things are planned for Argyll and Bute. Our £70 million rural growth deal will invest in initiatives that turn the area’s fantastic natural resources and business innovation into an economically successful future. Plans include:
Plans include:

  • Aquaculture – developing Argyll and Bute as a national and international centre for excellence in innovation and research
  • Tourism – developing the area as a West of Scotland “must visit” location for the maritime leisure market.
  • Rural skills accelerator programme – delivering 21st century infrastructure for skills, training, education and enterprise to support growth and work opportunities for rural communities.

Our rural growth deal is funded by the UK and Scottish Governments, and Argyll and Bute Council.

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I love working in Argyll and Bute because…

People love working in Argyll and Bute for lots of different reasons.

Working from home’s a lot nicer when you see stunning, inspiring scenery out your window.

If your job needs creativity and new ideas, get inspired with a walk after work on our amazing beaches.

Stretching your legs at lunchtime can look like this with us!

You can find out more about some of the people who have chosen to develop their careers in Argyll and Bute.

Meet our people
I love working in Argyll and Bute because… = #abplace2b

Argyll is a great place to be because it’s wild and accessible at the same time and there’s always an adventure to be hand.
I’ve fallen in love with it.”

Arlene Cullum, Cove

I’m privileged to be doing a job I really love. And there’s a real bonus of living and working in Argyll and Bute.”

Jillian Brown

The best thing about Argyll and Bute for me is that it feels like home. There are many other benefits, such as the landscape and scenery on your doorstep, the safeness of the communities and when it’s sunny – you could literally be anywhere in the world!”

Natasha Galbraith

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